Cheap internet social hub

1x £50 Huawei E5330 Unlocked Mobile Broadband Wireless Wifi Hotspot  (uses a Data Sim, see below)
8x £30 Raspberry Pi 3 (built in Bluetooth and Wifi)
9x £10 32Gb Micro SD Card (1 spare)
8x £1  USB Mice
8x £5  USB Keyboards (with arabic stickers on top)
8x £60 19" LCD Screens
   £70 Powerpacks, Cables and boxes
So £978 for 8 computers that are 100% online

The Huawei Wifi Hotspot uses a Three Sim to spread the internet from a 3G/4G signal over upto ten devices. This internet social hub is fairly easy to setup.

Each RaspberryPi3 is a fully fledged computer in its own right running the Linux operating system, (not Microsoft Windows), off the MicroSD cards. All 8 RaspberryPis can be screwed down to a single wooden plank to keep costs down!

Connect each RaspberryPi3 to a screen with a HDMI cable, plug in a keyboard & mouse, and to a powerpack with a micro USB cable. insert the Three micro SIM into the Wifi Hotspot and power it up. If the signal is weak an optional 35DBI TS9 Dual Broadband Antenna Aerial Booster ESYNiC Signal Amplifier is available for around £13.

I will upload a file that you download to the microSD using a Windows Laptop to create the first one. Further ones can be created from the first one.

Powering up and each RaspberryPi3 will boot very quickly into the standard Chrome web browser. The user can choose language, and optionally sign in with their Google account to see all their bookmarks.

When the user is finished the computer is rebooted and forgets everything, starting fresh for the next person all with a minute.