Frequently Asked Questions

How can I donate money?

Donate to our crowd funding campaigns are here.

What else can I donate?

Please see the up to date list of items we’re collecting here.


Can I drop donations myself directly to Calais?

There is presently an urgent need to carefully coordinate logistics on the ground. Please note that well-intentioned but uncoordinated donations not only waste precious resources and put pressure on local organisations as well as volunteers, but also have the potential to create unsafe conditions on the ground for all involved

Are there any women or children in the camp?

There are relatively few women and children in the camps, although this may be increasing. We are working with local groups to assess their needs and will develop targeted relief to help them too. Men outnumber women in the camp by 10:1 so we are collecting men’s clothing only at the moment. Keep checking this site for updates

Where can I post donations of goods?

We cannot currently accept postal deliveries.

Is there a local group near me?

We are currently collating a list of all the still active drop off points in Scotland.

Can I arrange a drop-off point in my area?

Please first check that there is not already a drop-off point near you.

If there is no drop-off point in your area, please get in touch for advice on how to go about organising your own collection point.

How can I volunteer?

Yes! Please ask to join this Facebook group (its closed to stop everyone getting spammed) or via the contact details here.

Do they need trained medics in the camp?

We are not currently working on delivering medical aid in Calais. We recommend you contact Médecins Sans Frontières  or Doctors of the World  if you would like to help in this capacity.