♥ Re-Act Big Humble Jumble Sale 2 ♥


Saturday 6th of Feb, 11am to 3pm, at the Biscuit Factory, 4-6 Anderson Place, Edinburgh Eh6 5NP

We are holding another big jumble sale at the Biscuit Factory to raise more funds for the vital aid work RE-ACT are doing. We also aim to shift some of the immense amount of stuff we have taking up space in our warehouse! So come along and have a good ol’ rummage through the exciting selection we have and enjoy good company, good vibes and a proper jumble rummage in the incredible Biscuit Factory building 🙂 And hopefully bag a few bargains in the knowledge that your cash is helping save lives.

The Biscuit Factory is an arts and fashion hub and offers amazing spaces to use in all kinds of arts and community projects. They have generously provided us with the space at no cost and have been wonderful supporters of our work. Please find them here

The funds raised through our events go directly to where it is needed most, allowing our volunteers to buy vital supplies locally when they are in the field. This means we do not have to wait for aid ferries to arrive, and prevents us from having to turn anyone away. It also means we are paying into and supporting the local economies which is hugely important, especially in places like Greece where they have a failing economy already and are bearing the brunt of the refugee crisis. They are seeing up to 2000 people arrive on their beaches a day and are struggling to cope. Despite this the locals are doing an incredible amount to help ease the situation. A classic case of those with the least give the most, something we have seen a lot of over the last few months.

For those who have not heard of RE-ACT we are a registered not-for-profit cooperative focusing on sourcing, sorting and supplying vital aid for the refugees arriving in Europe and those making Scotland their homes. It started as a grassroots movement by an incredible woman and grew momentum as more people got involved. In the 6 months it has existed RE-ACT have provided an epic 300 tonnes of vital aid to the various camps and borders hit hardest in Europe. In Scotland we have kitted out homes for families settling here and supplied them with clothing and toys. This is just some of our incredible achievements.

RE-ACT is entirely volunteer based, no one gets paid, everyone funds their own endeavours and are taking time out of their own working lives to do what they can to help. You can be certain that every penny goes directly to those who need it, no admin fees, no salaries, no expenses, just straight into the hands of desperate people suffering needlessly.

Come along and find out more about the situation and how you can help. We are so unbelievably lucky to be able to help such a cause through fun events like this. Hope to see you all there! ♥