Artist request…

Hello My name is Kate and I am having an art exhibition in August in the Well Café, Nicolson Square (which part of Greenside venue for fringe). the exhibition is looking at emotive reactions to the refugee crisis. I have painted 9 paintings but am also looking for 6 short (min 3 lines and max A4 page) reactions of people who have been directly involved in helping refugees whether here in Edinburgh, in Calais, Greece etc. I need not long descriptions but almost first immediate impressions and feelings you had. They will be typed up and laminated and interspersed with the pictures. I don’t want long dense pages as they are in a café so they need to be able to be easily read by visitors and no swearing please.

Really want to raise awareness & make people empathise. The exhibition pictures are for sale, 20% of profit goes to the arts co operative I am part of and 20% goes to Re-Act, I have not factored in my working costs and have kept the price of the pictures down so they are more affordable so they are not gallery prices. I really hope some people can help. Ideally I need these before 22nd July. If you would like to talk to me or pop in and see me- I work in residence at The City of Edinburgh Methodist Church on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11th July. Also please feel free to contact me via the form below.

Thank you. Kate Christmas.