Gallery: June Collection Day in Edinburgh

Another successful Collection Day at Studio 24 on Sunday 26th June – with special gifts coming in too.

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Around 40 volunteers sorted and packed over 150 giant mail bags with sensible clothing and shoes, tents and other camping gear, nappies, changing mats, baby wipes and toiletries, toys, towels and blankets, in addition to toiletry packs (bars of soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, disposable razors, sanitary towels, face cloths, combs, non aerosol deodorant, antiseptic gel, shower gel, shampoo), first aid / medical stuff (Paracetimol, bandages, elastoplast, foil blankets, crutches), sunscreen, starter packs for refugees here, items for the Calais School…

Still a little more to sort today, ready to go off to Calais, Greece and Syria as soon as possible in vans and containers.