Generous Linlithgow!

We recently held a collection event at the Cross House, Linlithgow. The response was phenomenal with over 200 of our bags filled with donations, not including the amazing amount of camping equipment sorely needed in Calais and Dunkirk. Below is an account from one of the volunteers:

I just had the privilege of helping at the Linlithgow refugee collection day, and am so struck by the love that came with each and every item. I spent quite a bit of time at the reception table and it was there that I saw directly people’s love and concern for people they had never met. Lots of individual stories: Pensioners who had gone to shops especially to buy new children’s clothes to donate – bought with love. People who had gone round the local charity shops for hats, scarves, gloves and jumpers as they didn’t have anything they from their own cupboard – gathered with love. The kids who had helped their parents sort clothes. The 8 year old who gave her favourite toy-story fleece blanket from when she was 3, and the 6-year-old who gave her light-up sketcher trainers (not practical I know, but with love). The parents who had passed on favourite baby blankets etched with memories and cardigans hand-knit by grannies and clothes – pre-loved and love passed on. People coming with many items, people coming with just a handful – all carried with love. Clothes beautifully folded, freshly laundered – all prepared with love. People leaving in tears – moved by the love. While I was there helping I didn’t allow myself to feel the emotions – but when I left I felt overwhelmed by it. And when we said to people that their donation would make a difference, that it would keep someone warm – that was where you really felt it – the response was always a heartfelt “I hope so”, “I am so glad to be able to do something”. The old sayings are right – giving IS a gift.

Re-Act would like to thank Carol and her great team of volunteers, the hundreds of individuals who took time to bring donations, the local businesses, churches, mosque and other groups who came together to support the collection and Linlithgow Facebook pages as well as the Linlithgow Gazette who advertised the event for us.