Re-Act Jumble Sale @ the Drill Hall

We are holding a big jumble sale at the Drill Hall to raise more funds for the vital aid work RE-ACT are doing. We also aim to shift some of the immense amount of stuff we have taking up space in our warehouse! So come along and have a good ol’ rummage through the exciting selection we have and enjoy good company, music and a relaxing day at the Out of the Blue cafe space 🙂 And hopefully bag a few bargains in the knowledge that your cash is helping save lives.

Out of the Blue have been kind enough to donate the space to us and provide resources for free so we have decided to charge £1 on entry so they can cover their costs. They have generously offered to half it with us too, so 50p to them and 50p to us. Either way your pound goes to a great cause!

Saturday 16th of January 2016, 11am to 3pm
The Out of the Blue Drill Hall, 36 Dalmeny Street, EH6 8RG, Edinburgh

The funds raised through our events go directly to where it is needed most, allowing our volunteers to buy vital supplies locally when they are in the field. This means we do not have to wait for aid ferries to arrive, and prevents us from having to turn anyone away. It also means we are paying into and supporting the local economies which is hugely important, especially in places like Greece where they have a failing economy already and are bearing the brunt of the refugee crisis. They are seeing up to 2000 people arrive on their beaches a day and are struggling to cope. Despite this the locals are doing an incredible amount to help ease the situation. A classic case of those with the least give the most, something we have seen a lot of over the last few months.