Thank you to Theatre For Justice

Re-Act would like to thank Theatre for Justice for their generous donation and bucket shake at each performance of their four star play “Still Here” at the Edinburgh Fringe.

“Theatre feeds off political and social matters, and this year’s Fringe has seen innumerable Brexit-themed acts. For a slightly different form of socially engaged theatre, ‘Still Here’ is a powerful narrative about a pressing issue: the refugee crisis. In the Calais “jungle”, a British journalist interviews an Eritrean refugee about his experiences and the religious persecutions in the country he fled from. This intense piece is full of life, despite its dramatic content. The bare set, combined with a verbatim narrative, plunges the audience into the reality of refugee camps. Both of the actors perform with a gripping sincerity and emotion, to the point where it just doesn’t feel like acting any more. This is theatre with a real purpose.”
-Three Weeks