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Re-Act, Refugee Action Scotland

Re-Act, Refugee Action Scotland, is a not-for-profit humanitarian aid project launched in response to the worldwide refugee crisis.  We are part of a growing organisation throughout the UK, working to fundraise and collect vital donations from all over Scotland to transport to the refugee camps in Calais and throughout other crisis areas of Europe.

We aim to help raise awareness of the growing crisis that many in our government and much of the mainstream media refuse to support.

In Calais alone there are thousands of displaced people who have fled their home countries in Africa and throughout the Middle East and risked their lives in a desperate attempt to find safety.  Most of these people have fled from war and have suffered through and witnessed atrocities that most cannot begin to comprehend.

In spite of what many wish us to believe, these people have left their homes, jobs and countries behind in order to survive, not to beg, borrow or steal from more affluent economies, and many do not survive to treacherous journey over land and sea, men, women and children alike.  They risk everything to attempt these journeys because for most the only alternative is death.

We believe that everybody has a right to live; their needs do not matter less merely because they were not born into a more peaceful and privileged society.  We are all people, we are equal, we all have a right to a basic quality of life and we all deserve a chance to live in peace.
People, not swarms; refugees, not migrants.

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