23 Oct

Donation Day October 30th

Our next donation day will be Sunday 30th of October, 12-7pm, Studio 24.
24-26 Calton Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8DP

We’ll be looking for volunteers to help on the day, and for the following day to sort donations.
Click here to sign up please!

We are now collecting WINTER clothing.

With the Jungle camp in Calais being shutdown early this week if specific items are requested we will do further updates.

Thank you for your continued support!

To donate directly to our Truck Fundraiser please click here.

21 Oct

Vote for Re-Act

Re-Act is seeking funds from the Aviva Community Fund, please register and vote for us.

The Aviva Community Fund offers the chance for local community projects to win funding because together we can do more for the causes you care about.

Look for projects in your area and help them get to the finals by voting for them!

You have to register to vote, but you get 10 votes to use how you want.


20 Oct

Collecting Clothes: An Exponential Equation. How one family collected enough donations to fill a truck

Collecting Clothes: An Exponential Equation.
How one family collected enough donations to fill a truck.

This is the story behind our first run with our new truck, please share around and please donate to help pay for the truck and keep it on the roads!

img_3970“At first Mum worried we wouldn’t get anything so she went around to secondhand shops,” Fiona Hamilton said, then laughed. She and her two sisters, Katrina and Jennifer Murphy, her brother Hugh and husband Craig were standing amidst vast piles of 347 boxes they’d just delivered to Re-Act’s premises at Studio24 in Edinburgh. Boxes that seemed to take up the entire dance floor of the club where Kurt Cobain once played.

“We had 4,000 nappies, 1,000 towels, 1,500 bars of soap, 20 strollers,” Katrina marvelled.

It all started when Katrina, a word-working teacher at a special needs school in Dublin, decided to spend a month working with refugees on the Greek island of Samos this summer. As soon as she arrived, Katrina was thrown into games with children. She was put to work helping with Samos Volunteers’ main task – the distribution of clothes and hygiene items to about 1,000 people. Her wood working skills did not go unnoticed as she was soon building things such as swing sets and blackboards.

img_3974Meanwhile, she kept calling her family in Glasgow, who informally raised money for various smaller items needed in the camp. Tennis balls, plastic stools, towels, baby wipes. She took note that at their warehouse, Samos Volunteers was running short of particularly crucial items like mens’ small and medium sized clothing and shoes, joggers with stretchy waists, bras, hijabs. In Samos, she met fellow Scott Janet McCall, who told her that if the family collected clothing, Re-Act could help deliver the donations to Greece.

It was at this point that Katrina’s younger sister, Fiona, and her mother Grace Murphy went to work, organizing what they thought would be a simple church-based appeal. Fiona spoke with the Parish priest at St. Joseph’s in Clarkston. Grace approached Father Peter at Christ the King’s in King’s Park, which is the family parish. They also contacted the Church of Scotland in Greenbank, and the Andalus Islamic Center in the West End.

Soon they had so many donations, they could hardly get into their houses. “Our front room was filled with boxes. We started to fill the second bathroom, then the third bedroom,” Fiona said.

“We were renovating,” Craig added. “We just put that on hold for a while.” Katrina showed photos of her two small nephews climbing in and out of boxes. Her mother’s house was also filling.

img_3983Donations included 100 tennis balls from Newlands Tennis Club, ten footballs from the Glasgow Club, boxes of Arabic and educational books and hijabs from the Andalus Islamic Center, clothes from the Church of Scotland and the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund. A 94 year old Italian woman donated beautiful full length silk dresses and invited Fiona and her family to dinner.

“But it was when people called to say they were collecting from people at work that we realised how big it was going to be,” she said.

Sorting, boxing and labelling took up almost every evening of September, even with husbands, cousins, aunts, uncles and neighbours joining in. Katrina has flown in from her work in Dublin every weekend to help.

When it was all done, the family had collected and packed 347 boxes and 26 black bags of donations, 19 baby strollers and a travel cot.

Re-Act’s fundraiser to pay for the truck and keep it on the road:

Samos Volunteers’ website:


18 Oct

Volunteer shout out! Sunday October 30th

For the next Donation Day on Sunday October 30th we will need lots of lovely volunteers!
We will also be looking for help after the event, if you’re available Monday, or Tuesday please tell us by using the form below on this webpage.
(We use the webpage form to keep all the info together rather than scattered over several Facebook posts)

We will be running three shifts on the day, please indicate which shifts you can do in the Comment box.
1st Shift   11.00 – 14.00
2nd Shift  13.45 – 16.45
3rd Shift   16.30 – 19.30
And if you’re free Monday or Tuesday
(We will email you on Sunday night with the plans)

Thank you!

10 Oct

Truck arrives in Samos

Our truck has arrived in Samos today full of essential aid, medical supplies, books and toys to help those currently living in the camp.

Well done to everyone that supports us! This would not be possible without you all!

Our awesome team over there will be writing a blog of their trip and keeping us updated if we can help in any other way.

If you have a 7.5ton truck license, have experience driving abroad and can volunteer to take aid on our behalf please fill in this wee form!

Much love xxx

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8 Oct

Evening News Story on our Truck Fundraiser


The Edinburgh Evening News has written about our Truck Fundraiser.

Fundraising website is here:


A GRASSROOTS charity set up in the wake of the refugee crisis a year ago has launched a drive to raise £25,000 to fund a truck to send donations of clothes and goods to camps in Europe. Edinburgh-based Re-Act, which was launched by a group of friends following the news of people from war-torn countries including Syria and Iraq landing on beaches in Greek islands after risking their lives in the Aegean Sea, has so far shipped 600 tonnes of clothing to people living in refugee camps in mainland Europe. Now the organisation needs to buy a truck to cut back on the high costs of transporting the goods in a shipping container. A volunteer who recently spent time helping refugees on the beaches in Greece has paid for the truck up front, but the organisation needs to repay the cost. The group, which collects donations from the public at its base at Studio 24 – the Calton Road nightclub run by Re-Act’s co-founder Gill McArthur – says the truck will allow them to reach crisis-hit areas in three or four days and will cost around one-sixth of the price of a container delivery. Currently, shipping containers cost around £5000 per shipment and can take up to six weeks to arrive at their destination. Ms McArthur, who has travelled to Europe to help refugees on a number of occasions, said: “We have been delivering aid, paying other transport companies for a year and costs are huge. We started this after seeing pleas for help and a need for certain things, so we collect the aid as soon as we can, but sometimes delivery can take over two months. “This way, if an area is in crisis, if we have aid we can leave immediately and not wait until we have enough to fill a container. Also, having a truck helps deliver larger items like furniture to families arriving here in Scotland at very little cost.” She added: “This crisis isn’t getting smaller or better anytime soon and as we are in a position to help and keep collecting – now we can ensure we carry on and do more.” An estimated 11 million Syrians have fled their homes since the outbreak of the civil war in March 2011, while people in other countries including Iraq and Afghanistan are also trying to escape persecution in their home countries.

Read more at:

5 Oct


We need to raise £25,000 to pay for and keep the Re-Act Truck on the roads.

Please donate here:

Since September 2015, the volunteers at Re-Act (Refugee Action Scotland) have been collecting and delivering emergency aid items to refugee crisis areas in Europe and beyond. Over 600 tonnes of aid has been sent to Calais, Syria, Greece, Turkey and Eastern Europe in convoys and shipping containers. Full inventories of everything we have sent are available here.


Shipping containers are not an efficient or sustainable means of delivering regular aid. They are expensive (up to £5,000 per shipment) and can take 4-6 weeks to arrive at their destination.

To solve this problem…

…we’re getting our very own TRUCK!

This means we can bypass expensive delivery firms and respond to aid shortages in a much quicker, cheaper and more efficient way.

We could reach crisis areas in as little as 3-4 days and with more regularity and flexibility also.

We need your help to make this possible!

With your generosity, we hope to raise £25,000 in total to cover the cost of the truck (£18,954) plus tax, insurance and other running costs.

Any leftover money from our total will go towards the fuel costs of our trips.

For example, at today’s prices:

£10 = trip from Edinburgh -> English/Scottish Border;

£100 = trip from Edinburgh -> Calais;

£350 = trip from Edinburgh -> Thessaloniki camp, northern Greece.

Every donation, no matter the amount, is appreciated in helping us to achieve this target.

Thank you!

Please donate here:

30 Sep

Humble Jumble Oct 8th @ Drill Hall

After a super packed Summer we are delighted to bring the Humble Jumble Sales back to you at the wonderful Drill Hall! Another day of rummaging fun with a conscience, a chance to bag bargains knowing your cash is helping save lives. There will be the Kids Space again, a fun play area with arts and crafts for wee ones to enjoy 🙂 We’re excited to have the Welcoming Association work in partnership with us on this event, with a stall for clothing repairs and one for the Befriending Project. You can learn all about these at the stalls! The jumble sale is also a free shop for vulnerable people in Edinburgh, who are invited to help themselves to whatever they need. All proceeds go to helping people affected by war and displacement.

Please help us spread the word by sharing this event. Hope to see you all there for another fantastic day! ♥

£1 on the door- this is split between ourselves and the Drill Hall, so either way, a good cause!

Re-Act is a 100% not-for-profit aid organisation set up in response to the worldwide refugee crisis. It is entirely ran by volunteers and focuses on providing vital aid and support to refugees in Europe, those stuck in war zones and those settling in Scotland.

The Welcoming Association is an independent charity providing community-based opportunities to refugees and migrants settling in Edinburgh. Their focus is to promote equality, diversity, unity and sustainability through various empowering projects.

Join our Facebook Event here.

The Welcoming Association website:

Follow the Welcoming Association Facebook here

30 Sep


Most of the consignment donated from Glasgow- thank you to Fiona, Katrina and family and friends and members of St Josephs and Christ the King parishes.

Baby /Children    
Baby Girl (0-1yr) 4  
Girls (1-3 yrs) 6  
Girls tops (4-9 yrs)    
Girls Dresses (4-9 yrs) 1  
Girls Bottom (4-9 yrs) 3  
Girls top 4-9/swimwear 2  
Girls Tops (9-13 yrs) 2  
Girls Bottoms (9-13 yrs) 1  
Girls Clothes 10+ 2  
Girls underwear 1  
Girls coats 1  
Childrens shoes mixed 18  
Kids underwear mix 1  
Kids socks mix 1  
Baby Boy (0-1yr) 1  
Boys (1-3 yrs) 12  
Boys Tops/jumpers (4-9) 11  
Boys Bottoms (4-9 yrs) 5  
Boys Jackets (4-9 yrs) 1  
Boys Tops (9-13 yrs) 4  
Boys underwear 1  
Boys Jackets 1  
Kids hats 1  
New Born 1  
Baby Bib 1  
Children’s Pj’s 1  
Baby Blankets 1  
Ladies Dresses/skirts 9  
Ladies Trousers 8  
Ladies Cardigans/ Jumpers 6  
Ladies Tops 13  
Ladies Jackets/coats 3  
Ladies Tunic & Trousers 1  
Ladies underwear 4  
Ladies Shoes/Boots/Sandals 7 1
Hijabs 2  
Head scarves 4  
Mens Trousers/Shorts (S/M) 10  
Mens trousers (m/l) 1  
Mens Trousers/Shorts (L/XL) 2  
Mens Shorts Mixed 2  
Mens T-shirts (S/M) 6  
Mens T-shirts (L/XL) 5 2
Mens Tops (L/XL) 6  
Mens tops/shirts mix 1  
Mens Shirts (S/M) 8  
Mens Shirts (L/XL) 4  
Mens tops (s/m) 1  
Mens Jackets/Coats (S/M) 3  


Mens Jacket/Coats (L) 3  
Mens Jumpers (S/M) 11  
Mens Jumpers (L/XL) 3 1
Mens Socks and Underwear 6 1
Mens shoes (41/42/43) 1  
Mens shoes (44+) 2  
Mens Shoes mixed 5  
Sun hats/bags/belts 1  
Bags 1  


Towels 20  
Face cloths 3  
Soap Bars 11  
Nappies 7  
Hand sanitizer 3  
Talcum powder 1  
Baby cream 2  
Baby Wipes 22  
Razors 1  
Toothpaste 2  
Ladies sanitary products 2  
Shampoo/conditioner 2  
Baby Shampoo 2  
Hand wipes 1  
Tissues 3  
Body lotions 2  
Shower gel 1  
Baby oil 1  
Sun cream 2  
Hair Brushes/combs 2  
Educational Items    
Arabic Learning books 6 (270 books)  
School notebooks 2  
English learning books 7  
Numeracy books/equipment 1  
English reading books 7  
Preschool toys 1  
Soft toys 3  
General toys (inc 10 footballs/70 tennis balls) 5  
Childrens activity sets 2 (15 sets in total)  
Games 5+ 1  
Baby Items    
Strollers 19  
Travel Cot 1  
Baby Gym 2  
Baby bouncer chair 1 1
Baby bath 1  
High chair 1  
Moses basket 4  
Kids made up packs   1
Ground sheets   1
Roll mats   6
Buckets and pails   1
Wheelchairs 5  
Crutches   5
First aid 9  
Total 382 20