The money Re-Act has donated has helped pay for up to 10,000 meals made by the islanders. Re-Act has also given the 9 local women how have been tirelessly cooking these meals but haven’t been paid as there is no money, €40 each so they can feed their own families. One of the women who has 4 children of her own has been getting up at 4am to cook food for the refugees. The islanders are amazing and we need to support them.

Gill went to the chemist and has bought baby bottles as there are many women who’s milk have dried up due to trauma and malnourishment, sanitary towels and pregnancy care tablets as there are pregnant women not eating or drinking properly. Gill and Louise have been working with a wonderful Syrian gentleman who has been translating for them and making sure the baby bottles and pregnancy care tablets are distributed to the people in need.

There was a family who lost people at sea in one of the Porto cabins at the port last night. Re-Act and One Ummah paid to get the family into a hotel till they can get a ferry hopefully on Friday. The family even though they were beyond traumatised were delighted to be in a warm secure place. Which has freed up a cabin in the port to be able to distribute aid from. They have now got a ticket system in place to ease distribution and people are allocated tickets by colour so that people distributing know they need shoes for example making the process much easier and less upsetting for the refugees.

The mayor and his office have been amazing and the islanders are incredible, these people are suffering serious economic hardships themselves but are still doing everything they can to help. That is humanity.

Team Re-Act would like to thank Elena and the mayors office, Fizz Hussain, Rebecca Smith and Anetta for all the amazing hard work they have done. The situation is dire but the more people pull together and work together the better and faster the response to helping the refugees will be.

Please help us continue to support refugees by donating to our Earth Ways page, we are a 100% not for profit all money raised will go directly to helping refugees.

Gill MacArthur, and Louise Hare