What we need

The Upcoming Donation Day, 23th of March 2019, 11am to 4pm
Venue: Church of Jesus Christ of the Later Day Saints


Donations – updated list 10/03/2017

We collect for France, Greece, Italy, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and the Balkans. The list is compiled from the NGOs on the grounds needs, as well as to help the refugees who have settled in Scotland. If you want to see what we have supplied so far click here.

Re-Act is running a Nursery and Woman’s Group, we are always on the look out for suitable items for it. If you can help click here.

All donations needed locally will be posted on the Re-Act Facebook page.

Please donate items which are in good condition, clean and in working order.

Toiletries: bars of soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, men’s disposable razors, sanitary towels, non-aerosol deodorant, combs, bottles of shampoo and shower gel, baby toiletries, nappies, babywipes

Clothes: new underwear and socks

Camping eqpt.: tents, torches, batteries, sleeping bags, sleeping/yoga mats, groundsheets

Educational items: craft items, school supplies

First aid: first aid, Ibuprofen, Paracetimol, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs

Household items: towels

For bigger medical items, please contact us to discuss whether it is needed or not.

No thanks for now to food, household items, electrical goods, jumble, toys, books, furniture, clothes, footwear, bedding, car seats, cots.

Broken Jewellery    (see this post for details)
Sewing Machines
Sewing Supplies     (see this post for details)
Wedding Dresses

No medicines other than those above
No gas canisters, or fire extinguishers.
No camping stoves

To help us get your donations to those in need it’s really important to sort and clearly label your donations so that they can be efficiently sorted in Edinburgh and easily stored and distributed in Calais and camps further afield. Please make sure donations are organised by type (keeping shoes together, sleeping bags together etc.). If possible, organise shoes and clothes by size. Tape shoes together in pairs and clearly label the European size.

Also, think about attaching notes, cards or letters to your donations, messages of hope and acceptance, reminders that there are people who care! Think of what many of these people are going through, and what comfort kind words and gestures can bring.